Sunday, January 20, 2008

12 Pirate's and Fairy's + a BIG surprise = Isaac's (surprise) Birthday Party!!

We actually pulled off a 'surprise' Birthday party for Isaac Yesterday.
This is him walking in when every one yelled "Surprise"!
He got a huge smile on his face and said "What?" , "I am having a party?"
So funny!!

All of Isaac's friend's dressed up in their pirate(boys) and fairy(girls) costumes.
They all looked so cute! After Isaac got his pirate costume on we started the Treasure Hunt. We started off with this clue: 'Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a glass of water'. I had all the clues put into nursery rhymes.

Isaac reading the second clue (and yes that is a Costco cake, YUMMM)

The treasure was found under Seth's Crib!
Each pirate and fairy got there own pirate treasure box filled with gold coins and Swedish fish.
(thanks to Target's $1 aisle)

We then played Captain Say's (Simon says).
This is Isaac saying "Captain says be like a river"
So they all became a river on the floor.
So cute!!

Try doing a pinata with 12 five and four year olds. :-)
They had fun, but I was so worried someone was going to be hit with the bat.
After everyone had a swing of it, it wasn't broken so Andy just broke it in half and shook the candy out.

After Cake and Ice Cream Isaac opened his presents. He was so excited when he was opening his presents that he was shaking. He loved every minute of it.

After the craziness of presents, I tried to get some calmness into the room by reading a Pirate book. The book I read was 'How I became a Pirate' by Melinda Long and David Shannon. Most of the kids did listen but other's wandered downstairs to play.
We had such a good time!! Andy and I were both exhausted by the end, but glad that we pulled it off.
The pirate theme for a party was so much fun to do. I loved planning it and seeing how much Isaac and his friends enjoyed it.


Becky O. said...

What a fun party! I love the theme, especially with the pinata!

jill s said...

sage had SO much fun! she's still playing with her treasure chest! she was SO excited to have "pink + purple diamonds"! thanks for inviting her!


Denise said...

Jessica, Good job! It looks like such a fun party and I'm so glad it went well. That is a lot of 5 year olds to keep entertained!

js.johnson said...

Amazing! I have so much to learn from you and am always in awe of the fun things you do.

The Neeleys said...

Cute pirate party! And I love that book "How I became a Pirate". I keep telling myself I need to get a copy of it. Happy Birthday Isaac! Presley saw his picture and said that is her friend from Ohio church.

Sarah said...

That is the coolest party I have heard about.....Wahoo! Way to go Andy and Jessica! Because, lets be honest, they are a lot of work for the parents. Thanks for the pictures and the future idea for James's party. It was awesome.

The Gardner's said...

What a fun party! I bet they had a blast! I believe that you were exhausted...I don't know if Kambry will get another party this year! But it is so fun for the kids!

Liz said...

It looks like they had such a great time. That was an awesome idea for a party...i may have to use it for when Grant turns five:).

Michelle Y said...

It was such a great party, my girls loved it! You always have the cutest ideas to make everything more fun.

ali said...

Jess, you are the coolest Mom around, you totally put me to shame!

That sounds like an awesome party.

Sharon said...

Wow that sounds like a great party!!! I'm glad Isaac had such a great time! I miss and love you all!

Sharon said...

oops this comment is from Angela...i forgot i wasn't logged on to my profile. :)

arleneo said...

That was such a cute idea. I loved seeing the pictures. I bet the kids had such a fun time. You really are creative, you two. I remember my mom making me doll cakes out of angel food cakes, and having parties with lots of kids. It was very fun.
Happy no. 5 again, Isaac.