Friday, February 8, 2008

Craft Night. . .

Last Tuesday I hosted Craft group at my house. We made a recipe/picture magnet board.
The craft has a limit of $10 per girl, and needs to be easy enough to finish in a couple of hours.
All of the girls in the group seemed to really like the magnet board, and we all finished it.

I LOVE getting together with other girls and just hanging out.
We had such a fun time talking and getting to know each other better.
And what is a girl's night without treats??
I made a Pretzel Hugs and a Chocolate Elcair Cake to kind of go along with a Valentines theme.
We also had dip and vegie's and yummy raspberry Lemonade.
I can't believe that I forgot to take pictures of us actually making the craft, I guess I was too busy talking and enjoying being together with friends!
Yahh for girls night out, I can't wait until next month.


Sarah said...

That sounds so fun. Can I join the group? Man that would be the dream. The desserts looked so yummy. I, too, am so in favor of girls night. It is so good to get together with other mothers and just talk and laugh!

arleneo said...

I love the magnet board. You come up with the cutest crafts, and practical to. I want to be in young women's again. (Actually, no, because then I'd have to go through all this again)

Michelle Y said...

Thanks for hosting this month, I love my magnet board! It was such a blast just getting together and hanging out. The desserts were so yummy too, way to go.

Margo said...

Jessica, I sure miss you guys. I need to call you this week. The craft is adorable. I am sorry for all the snow. Please send a little our way. My kids are begging for snow to play in.

Denise said...

sounds like fun! And, amazing that you got so much snow.

Emily said...

I'm so glad you started a group. We will have to share ideas because when ever it's my turn I always need help coming up with something good.

Emily said...

Oh and I love the craft. Very cute!!

jill s said...

i can't believe i haven't commented on this!!

thanks SO much! i had so much fun! and the treats were GREAT!

you set the bar high! :)


kim said...

cute craft jessica, where did you get the metal? (I've had a project in mind I want to use it for..)

Becky O. said...

Fantastic! What a fun night! From what I gathered, this was with a group of friends, right? Not a church thang? Fun either way! You are so good at this stuff!