Friday, March 28, 2008

Tuesday Tell All

I found this really neat blog through one of Margo's posts (thanks Margo), it is called Tuesday Tell All . Every week you are given a different topic to record the things that are important to you and events and thoughts that you don't want to be forgotten. I think this is such a fun idea that I am going to start doing it. At the end of the year, I hope to have some sort of a record of me, and our family. And through I want to get it printed off in a book.

This weeks Tuesday Tell All topic is,
Tell us about your favorite or least favorite job that you've had . Or just take a minute to document the jobs you've had.

#1. Babysitting as a teenager. I know that pretty much everyone has done this job as a teenager. But it was a job, a very low paying job.

#2. My most glamorous job was cleaning my dad's Dental Office.

#3. Dental Receptionist, and Dental Assistant at my dad's Dental Office. I really enjoyed being with my dad during this time. It really gave me an appreciation of his hard work for our family. I really love and admire my dad for all he does.

#4. Preschool Teacher, for a couple of years(don't you love my fashionable sweater?)
I enjoyed this job, it was hard work but VERY rewarding.

#5. For two years I worked at Hogi Yogi on State Street in Orem, UT. I loved this job. I was a supervisor the last year and a half I worked there. This job had lots of long days and late nights. It was a very hard job, but I really enjoyed it. I had so much fun with friends and loved the people I worked with.

#6. I worked for Tahitian Noni International for four years. I loved this job as well. I made so many life long friends from this job. The Most important friend/love of my life, I met while working at TNI was my sweet husband Andy. We met while I was working in the call center. I feel like I learned so much and grew up so much while I was working at TNI. I had such neat experiences and was able to travel to fun places with Andy. While I was working as a Representative for the top distributors of the company, I made many special friends all around the world. I could not have enjoyed my job more at TNI. I had to leave the company when Andy and I moved to Ohio for Medical School, and I had also just had Isaac:-)

#7. That leads me to my current job, Full Time Mom of Isaac and Seth. Being a full-time mom is by far the hardest job I have ever had. But it is by far the most rewarding!! I am sure most mothers would agree with me on that. These are the best years of my life, I really do not know what I would do with out my two boys. Nothing beats giving them a hug or seeing them smile. It is the best:-)


Margo said...

I am so glad you started the TTA. It is so much fun. I am so with you on turning my blog into a book. I want this to be a treasure for my children. It was so fun reading about your jobs. We sure miss you guys.

Michelle Y said...

So fun reading about all your past jobs. Did we ever talk about the fact that I worked at that same Hogi Yogi too in high school, so funny!! Its fun that we are now the "employers" of those teenage babysitters.

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

Hey there cute girl. How are things going? It's so much fun to read your blog. I will agree that being a mom job is the most rewarding. I can tell you are such a great mom. Keep up the good work.

Colleen said...

It is fun to read about your family. I am finding out about all the cousins and how they are doing. You are doing a great mom job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! It is fun to see your blog! I am Andy's cousin, we have met a few times. You can see our blog at

Ster and Steph said...

YEAH FOR TNI! YEAH FOR LIFE LONG FRIENDS! And, YEAH FOR TECHNOLOGY so we can keep tabs on each other!!! I loved reading about all your jobs. What fun memories I have with you!!!

Sarah said...

Hey Jessica,
Funny that Shanna found your blog, too! I guess it is cousin finding day. What a great idea to talk about different things from life every Tuesday. And I love the blurb books! I can't wait to make me one.

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