Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Laughing Out Loud. . .

This weeks Tuesday Tell All is

What Makes you Laugh

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
~e.e. cummings

My days go much better when I have a sense of humor.
Here are a few reasons why I laugh or should be laughing:

1. Isaac and Seth:
I love watching them play together.
Seth copies everything Isaac does and
They seriously make me laugh every day!!
In this picture they are playing pirates.
It is a new adventure every day in the Olsen house.

2. Andy:
My sweet husband makes me laugh every day.
He always has the best stories from work. I look forward to hearing them every day.
Like the Prisoner who swallowed the Spork (half spoon half fork) just so he could get out of prison and go to the hospital.
I love that we can laugh together.

3. TV Shows:
-The Office
-30 Rock
-Everybody Loves Raymond
-American Idol
(I love Simon, he totally makes me laugh)
-The Soup
(This show a guilty pleasure for me. It is on E! channel, on Friday and Saturday night. All the host does is make fun of all the crazy and hilarious tv clips from that week. It is so funny, but it is PG-13)

There are so many other reasons why I laugh every day. From reading something funny to seeing something funny or hearing about something that makes me laugh, like one of our neighbors throwing his daughters TV out his second story window.
Laughter is the best medicine for a really bad day. When I have had a really hard and frustrating day I really wish that I could just not take it so seriously and laugh more at myself.
So, here's to more laughter:-) !!!


jill s said...

i love that picture of the boys!

and that spork story is hilarious!

gkellogg said...

I love The Soup, it's one of my favorite shows!! Joel McHale is awesome!!

Margo said...

Thanks for your cute thoughts on laughter. It is a very important part of the day. Have a wonderful day.

ali said...

that sounds funny Jess! Hard to beat a good laugh, I think that's why we have kids!

Andy--that sounds like something straight out of Scrubs! I can't believe that actually happens!

Leesa said...

The Soup is one of our favorite shows too! It is definately a guilty pleasure!

Shelley Reid said...

I Love the soup too - I am still mad at Darren because I actually had the chance to meet Joel McHale and Darren had something else going on! Maybe it is because I tell Darren all of the time that if I weren't married I would want to date Joel.

Greg and Alyssa said...

Hey it's Alyssa (formerly Aamodt). I tripped across your blog and I'm so glad I did! It's so cool to see pictures of the boys all the way from Idaho! And to see that so many other Wyoming Ward people are on blogspot! Makes home feel a little closer!