Monday, April 7, 2008

Seth, Are you Hungry??

This kid cracks me up!
He is always getting into something.
I promise I do feed him!
When he wants something he knows how and where to get it.
I have to remind myself that he is only one, even though he looks and acts older!


Liz said...

He's not hungry...just warm....its been almost too toasty for long sleeve shirts...

jill s said...

awesome! i love that you caught a picture of him!

Laura said...

That's pretty impressive that he can get in the fridge by himself. Ally didn't learn that until around 4.

ali said...

that's dang funny! thankfully Greta isn't strong enough to open the fridge, she just grabs onto the handle and puts all her weight into pulling it open but it doesn't budge. It's hilarious!!

What a character Seth is!!