Friday, May 16, 2008

Cookies and Water for Sale. . .

So the last couple of days we have been doing a Garage Sale at our house.
I don't know why, but I have really had fun doing it.
There is some kind of rush I get from selling junk for money.
I had a great sale and sold most of my stuff.
Isaac even helped me!
He had the idea to sell cookies and water.
So I made a batch of Vanessa's Chocolate Chip Cookie's, and put water bottles in a cooler.
I told Isaac if he sat and sold the cookies and water he could keep all the money from the sales and buy whatever he wanted with it.
He did a great job, and made just over $15. He also did a great job up-selling his product. He would say to the shoppers, "would you like water with your cookie?" before they even said they wanted a cookie.
And who can refuse that from a cute 5 year old boy.
We even became famous! Some of the shoppers who bought the cookies were telling others about how yummy the cookies were and the sweet little boy who was selling them. So we had people coming to our sale just for the cookies. So funny:-)
By the end of the day we sold out of water and cookies.


Laura said...

i'll have to remember that and put Ally to work when we have our next garage sale.

kim said...

Vanessa's recipe is AWESOME! I also have an on going policy to never turn down a child selling cookies or lemonade on a card table in the front yard.

nessa said...

how cute! i'm glad my cookie recipe did well for you! isaac is the sweetest cutest little boy, he would be impossible to turn down!

Liz said... sorry that i missed the cookies...i totally would have given Isaac some business. I'm glad your yard sale went so well!

ali said...

that is so stinkin cute! what a character. He could teach the call center a thing or two!