Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kyto 1990-2008

I found out yesterday that my dog Kyto had passed away.
I decided to post this on my blog because there are a few of you who knew Kyto, and I want to document this date for my journal.

This picture is right after we got him as a puppy.
My parents got him for us when I was only 12 years old.
I have to admit, that I did not want a dog. I was not to wild about the hairs and the barking.
But I really loved this dog.
He was my running partner, when I was in high school.
My company when I went on walks.
I loved to play with him and tease him.
He made me feel safe when I was home alone.
As kids we loved to dress him up in crazy outfits.
I loved how he would know me when I walked through the door.

After I moved out of the house and I saw him less and less.
He didn't really recognize me any more.
But I loved watching Isaac and Seth with him. They both loved him so much and always looked forward to seeing him when we visited Utah.

He got really sick in February with cancer and the Vet wanted to put him to sleep. But my brother Kevin was still on his mission for our church, and was getting home in March. We all just prayed that Kyto would make it so Kevin could see him before he died.
He did get better, and Kevin was able to say his goodbyes to him.

On Monday May 5th he woke up and couldn't walk. My mom said that he was just crying in pain for hours. As a family we decided that the time was right. So my mom, Angela, and Scott took Kyto to the vet to be put to sleep.
I can't believe he is gone. It is hard being so far from home when these things happen.
It will be really weird going back to my parents house this summer and not having Kyto barking at the front door.
I really don't mean for this to be a sappy post.
I am happy that he is not in any pain anymore.
It is funny how a dog can really become apart of your family.
I am so thankful for my parents for putting up with Kyto for the last 16 years.
He was a great family dog and we will all miss him.


angela said...

In feb. kyto got sick because of chocolate poisoning and almost put him to sleep because we didn't know what was wrong. We found out he had cancer the day after kevin got home from his mission. mom and dad put up with kyto for 13 yrs.... just fixing some of the info...don't get mad at me lol

Sarah said...

Jessica I didn't know your family had a dog. I am so sorry that he is gone. He was a really pretty dog. I love fluffy white dogs.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! It is sad when a friend passes- even a dog friend!

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

such a cute dog, american eskimo? awww that makes me happy that we got a dog for our kids...they have a blast w/ her and it's kinda funny, but i swear they are bonding. sorry about your dog, that is sad.

Sharon said...

This is such a nice tribute to our very special dog! Thank you for making such a nice memorial for him! We are missing him a lot!

Michelle Y said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your family's dog dying. I know he was important to all of you.

melissajlarson said...

I am really sorry to hear about Kyto. It makes me teary eyed thinking of our family dog that passed away a few years ago. They really make an impact on your life. Our phoebe cat is now 12 and makes me sad thinking she doesn't have very many years left. Cherish the fun memories you had with him.

Laura said...

Gosh you had to make me cry. I am so sorry. I remember when my dog died when I was like 14. We cried and cried and my mom called in sick to work the next day and we all got to stay home from school to cry more. I loved my dog too, partly why I don't want a dog because they do die and it is hard.

Your pictures aren't on this post anymore.

Laura said...

J/k pictures are there now. Don't know what was up with that.

arleneo said...

Sorry about Kyto I know he will be missed. I have had a few animals, and you truly do go through the mourning process. They are part of you. At times I wonder why I have a pet, but, believe it or not, Kelly won't let me give Bingo away. Sometimes he makes me a little crazy, but we love him.