Friday, May 23, 2008

New Favorites. . .

I have not had much to blog about this week, it has been a quiet week for us.
It was nice to have not much going on because the kids and I all got the flu.
So we took the week to relax and take it easy.
So now that I am feeling a little bit better, I thought that I would share some random stuff that I am LOVING right now. Here are a few:

1. Bath and Body Works
glow and steady:
This is a Daily Moisturizer and Gradual Self Tanner SPF 15 for your body.
Living in Michigan I have realized that tans are very hard to come by. I have such skin cancer pron skin that I really do not like to go tanning in a tanning bad. So tanning creams are the next option. I have tried a few other self tanners with really orangish bad results. I decided to try out this product and I LOVE IT!! It goes on really well, and adds just a small amount of color each time you put it on. It also has SPF 15 to protect your skin.

This comes in a 6 fl oz and is $15.00 at Bath and Body Works.
Right now, if you go online you can buy 2 and get one for free.

2. Big Train INC.'s

Fruit Tea Smoothie Blast:
This smoothie is amazing!! I bought the 32 oz Strawberry Sensation concentrate at Costco.
You blend 4 oz of the concentrate and 4 oz of water and 16 oz crushed ice on high in a blender.
This smoothie is so good and so good for you!
It has real fruit, green tea, 80 mg Antioxidants, NO high Fructose Corn Syrup, 150% Vitamin C. It is 140 calories and no fat. Andy, Isaac, Seth, and I all love this product and I hope that Costco keeps selling it, I love it:-)

The 32 oz makes eight 16 oz drinks and I bought it for $8.50. You can check out this product's website at

3. Healthy Choice Fudge Bar:
These fudge bars are so GOOD. One bar has only 80 calories and 10 calories from fat. They are a lot bigger then any other fudge bar I have ever had. I love these because they taste just like chocolate ice cream but are so much healthier. I will be having a lot of these this summer :-)

I buy mine in a big box at Costco, but if you look on the their website Healthy Choice
there is a link to help you find where you can buy their products.

4. Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt:
This yogurt is so yummy and creamy, and it is really healthy for you!
It has 120 calories and 10 fat calories for a 6 oz container.

My favorite thing to do is put a hand full of Blueberry's in the yogurt with some granola sprinkled on top. Isaac and Seth love it too! This delishious yogurt is a little bit more money then the non-organic kind, but if you go to their website you can print off coupons for .50 cents off each container. The website is , they also have a lot of other great organic products.

5. Heartland Granola Cereal
I always get the Low Fat NO Raisin kind of this all natural granola.
It is 100% Natural, 5g protein, 0g transfat, 22g whole grains and has only 16g sugar.
This cereal is about $3.99 a box, that is a lot of money but it lasts me a long time since I only sprinkle it on my yogurt. Very Yummy!!

I buy mine at the local grocery store (Meijer) it is in the health food section.
Here is the web site for Heartland Brands.


jillrscripps said...

i hope you are all feeling better!! the flu is no fun!!!!!!

and i love all of your current loves!

stonyfield farms fat free vanilla is the only yogurt sage will eat right now! emerson loves it too!

i hope we can get together soon!


Becky said...

so many good things. legs are white and i decided i really need a tan.