Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seth's Birthday Party was 'BALLS' of fun. . .

On Friday night we celebrated Seth's Birthday with our dear friends from our neighborhood and from our church.
He LOVES balls, so we had to do a ball party!
We had Costco cake and ice cream.

Seth was able to blow out his candles with a little help from his big brother, Isaac.

We then had a Basketball Pinata! The kids loved this. We started with youngest to oldest, and everyone got a few good swings at it.
Once the pinata was broken open, the kids went swarming all around the candy and it was gone before we knew it.

We had a great party, even though the weather was a little windy and chilly.
It was a fun Friday night!!

I love this Birthday Boy so much!
He adds so much love and character to our family.
I can't believe he is already 2. These last 2 years have gone by so fast.
We love Seth very much, Happy Birthday Sweet boy!


ali said...

what a cutie!! Happy Birthday Seth! We love you.

I can't believe how much he has grown, what a sweetheart!

melissajlarson said...

what a fun party! happy b-day Seth!