Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All Smiles and Kung fu Panda Style!

Here are some random pictures from our day today:
I loaded the boys up in the stroller and we walked to our community pool.
It has been so nice to have a pool that we can use that is right by our house.
Isaac and Seth LOVE going swimming so we have been going to the pool at least once a week this summer.

A few of our neighborhood friends were there when we got to the pool.
The HUGE blue shark was so fun!
Isaac and his friend Sam had a blast playing with it.

Ok, so Isaac loves the movie Kung Fu Panda.
He has seen it two times now and is always wanting to act it out with me or Andy.
We found out that McDonald's was having Kung Fu Panda toys in there happy meals, so as much as I HATE McDonald's food we have been trying to collect them all.
Well, we did it!! Isaac now has the complete set of Kung Fu Panda Mc-toys.

I have to admit, when we got the panda to make it a complete set. . .I was so excited!!
Here is how we got them, because we did not eat at McDonald's eight time's in the last week(yes, I have seen 'Super Size Me').
There is a running trail right by our house, 3 1/2 miles down there is a McDonald's. So last week I ran down with the boys in the running stroller and I got them an egg McMuffin. I told the lady that we were wanting to get all the Kung Fu panda toys. So she gave me a couple of them-no charge. Then she told me about the **Customer Satisfaction box** this box sits in the back room of McDonalds and has every toy of the Kung Fu Series in it. She told me next time I came in to tell the worker that I 'know about the Customer Satisfaction Box' but not to tell them who told me. That next Saturday we went on a family run to McDonald's, we got the boys two hash brown's and some milk. I asked the worker if we could get two toys. She then gave me two that we already have. So I asked her if she had any other toys. She then said NO. I then told her that I knew about the Costumer Satisfaction Box and that I wanted different toys because Isaac was wanting the whole set. She gave me a weird look then said 'Ok, what toys do you want?' Ha Ha, so we got four more toys-no charge. Any ways, so we just finished the set off and I am proud to say that I did not eat there once and the kids only had breakfast food their a few times.
The things we do and say for our kids!
Isaac is having so much fun with them. Hopefully this means he will not be asking me to act out Kung Fu Panda with him anymore. :-) I would rather just watch him play with the toys.


lisa (lost pezhead) said...

you're the best mom! that is awesome you got all the toys!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Way to work the system!! Bet you never thought you would do all that to get some happy meal toys, did ya?? LOL!

jill s said...

so fun! i LOVE that you were able to get all of the those toys without buying a single happy meal! you are so good!

we can't wait to hang out tomorrow! :)

Melinda & Matt said...

We went through the same search when McDonalds had the Cars toys--after buying a few happy meals I decided to just buy the toys I needed off ebay--ended up getting them cheaper than buying happy meals trying to get them (plus we didn't have to eat at mcdonalds!)

Adam said...

Jess that's awesome, and that's a great story. The ol' Customer Satisfaction Box trick. Well played.

melissajlarson said...

We haven't seen the movie yet but it looks cute! That is great you got all the toys... you are very convincing!

Michelle Y said...

So glad you were able to get all the toys without having to eat there! We need to take the girls to that movie, sounds cute.

thepyles7 said...

that is so funny. What we do for our kids! I love the Customer Satisfaction Box. They need one of those for eveything.