Saturday, August 16, 2008

1...2...3...BLAST OFF!!

Looking at this picture, Seth looks higher up in the air then I remember him being. I am glad that Andy caught him.
Andy had a lot of fun throwing the boys up in the air.
Seth really loved it, and Isaac did not like it at all!!

We all had a lot of fun playing together this summer at our community pool.
It will be sad to see it close for the colder weather.


melissajlarson said...

Looks like the boys (including Andy) are having tons of fun. We have a pool too and has been so nice to escape to during the hotter weather. Your boys are growing up!

jill s said...

SO fun!!!!!

my poor kids haven't been swimming all summer!! **can you guess what we were doing all summer? lol**

i love those pictures.

arleneo said...

Cute to see the kids in the pool. I miss seeing them in our pool.