Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family Picture Time!

Family picture's are so fun, aren't they?
Well, I love to get them done.
It does get a little crazy with trying to get Isaac and Seth to be still and smile.
We were lucky to have such a patient and great photographer, thank you Jill!
You can check out her photo blog here.
Now I have to decide what picture's I want to send out to family and friends for Christmas.
(Oh ya, I also put a few pictures of the boys in their Halloween costumes. I had Jill take them in their costumes last year, and loved having them. So I am going to make it a tradition, until they get older and wont let me any more. :-))


lisa (lost pezhead) said...

love the halloween pictures! what a good idea!

Becky said...

these are all so cute! i can't wait to get one in the mail!

ladybug143 said...

Cute pictures! That is something I need to get done this year! Our last picture was when victoria was 6 months old.

I am Laura said...

They are all very cute. I like all the different poses she put you in.

jill s said...

i love how you put them in a slide show! :)

and i'm happy that you like them!

Michelle Y said...

The pictures turned out great! You guys all look so good and Hagar Park seems like the perfect place for pictures.

Margo said...

I love the family pictures. They are all so cute. I think I like the one of you guys all standing up with Isaac's head tilted. They are just all so cute.

kim said...

Great pictures Jessica! (BTW, the color in my dining room is from Lowes, it's called "Classic Khaki." I'm not sure the pic is very accurate-in real life it looks very similar to the color you had in your condo here in Ohio...)