Tuesday, March 17, 2009

silly Leprechaun's came to our house. . .

. . .and knocked over our chairs,
flipped our pictures backwards, took all of the pillows off of our couch,
and did other mischievous acts in our home.

They even left gold coated chocolate in our cereal bowls,

and a green bucket filled with all green surprises!

Thank you Silly Leprechaun's for a fun morning and new green shirts to wear.

We also learned all about Leprechauns and what they do for our
'Tuesday Story Time' with mom.

Then we painted rainbows with a pot of Gold at the end,
and Leprechauns dancing all around.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
from Isaac and Seth


Denise said...

so cute! What a creative mom you are!

ali said...

that's cute Jess! one of these days I need to be better about that stuff!

Becky said...

girl you wen all out! i love these.

we always had green food growing up!

Becky said...

btw: i hope you got yourself a new shirt too!

buhlersdayoff said...

You are an adorable mom...it must have been all those years that we played pretend school. I am just wondering were my creativity went. CUTE ideas!! ps I love that you blogged about that workout video because I went out and bought it that next day and have LOVED it!! I think I will have to post about it too ---it is a "must have" in every household. THANKS!!

Kellie said...

Hi I found you from Lisa's blog (maybe I know you???)and I just HAD to tell you this was the CUTEST St Patrick's Day idea I have ever seen! You are the cutest mom, your kids are so lucky...