Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Pictures (Late)

Easter is LONG gone now,
and in our house the candy and treats have been thrown away.
I still wanted to post a few pictures of our fun and very sunny Easter weekend!

Our neighborhood has a Easter Egg hunt every year, the nice part is that it is done in the park facing our backyard.

Seth made a friend at the Easter Egg Hunt
Mr. Bunny himself!

Isaac found WAY to many eggs!
He was really into the hunt this year, and moved pretty quickly to get the most eggs possible.

In all, it was a successful hunt
well done boys!

We also had a party that day with some friends.
Here is Seth helping out his friend (who he adores) shake some sprinkles on her ice cream.

My friend made an amazing four layer huge round cake and frosted it like a soccer ball.
The kids loved it! I wish I took a picture of it.

Here is Isaac doing his Jedi moves on a pinata soccer ball,
he was really doing the total Jedi moves and all. It was so funny!

On Easter Sunday, we really just kept the day very relaxing and low key.
It was a beautiful weekend and we spent a lot of the day outside enjoying it.
I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend!



emilyy said...

I love seeing pictures of my cute nieces on your blog. Especially since Michelle is a little behind on hers :)

ali said...

looks like fun!

ladybug143 said...

What a fun Easter! Looks like you had fun!