Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun Times in Utah. . .

Andy had a great opportunity to attend a Radiology Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.
So the kids and I tagged along, and had a fun time visiting family!
We were there for 8 full days and two traveling days.

I wasn't as good this time with my picture taking, but here are a few of the activities that I did snap a few shots of:

Brick Oven (in Provo) with my family:
The first night we all had dinner for my little sis Angela's Birthday. It was so fun to also meet my brother Scott's soon to be bride, Abigail and my other brother Kevin's girlfriend, Cynthia.
I really love them both and I am so excited for Abigail to be apart of our family!

Taking a walk with Grandma Olsen:
The first few days the weather in Utah was really nice, so we were able to get outside with the kids. Isaac and Seth had so much fun playing with their cousins.
I LOVE the mountains, I forget how big and pretty they are living in the Michigan.

A little RoCk BaNd:
We always look forward to a few rounds of Rock Band family style when we visit.

Afternoon out with the Olsen cousins:
Yummy Coldstone and fun company. Isaac, Seth, and I loved to hang with Mom, Sarah and her kiddos for a few hours.
We also visited the new office of Shirley J.
(I will post later about this really great company)
They had samples for us to try, and the kids all got balloons!

Chucky Cheese with Grandma Wiest:

Oh yes, this made Isaac and Seth's day!
We rarely EVER go to Chucky Cheese so they were in heaven.

Dentist Appt. with Dr Wiest (my dad):

We always get our teeth cleaned when we go out to Utah, thanks to my dad :-)
This time both Isaac and Seth had their teeth cleaned, Seth's first time!
The boys did great, and both have no cavities.
I had my teeth cleaned and then I also had my WISDOM tooth pulled out. My last one, I am so glad that it over. My mouth is still sore from getting that done.

Harley Davidson Store/musuem and Restaurant:
Ok, Seth LOVES motorcycles, so we could not pass up the chance to go and check out the new Harley Davidson Store in Lindon.
It was AMAZING! Wow, such a fun place to check out. We all had so much fun checking out the huge motorcycles and watching the repair shop guys fix the Harley's.
We then ate some really good slider Hamburgers in there little restaurant/cafe.

Dinosaur Museum with Wiest Family:
Isaac and Seth really like going to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi every time we go out to Utah. It was really fun going with my family, Isaac and Seth loved the extra attention that they got from them.
We also saw a 3-d Dino Movie.

We had a great time while we were there, it was really nice to see and spend time with family and friends.
Towards the end of the trip I got the flu :-) Not fun!
Then Andy got it the day we traveled home.
Luckily Isaac and Seth did not get it.
We must of just partied to hard!

In three weeks we will pack again for another trip out to Utah for my brother Scott's wedding!
Maybe I will just leave the luggage out until then . . .



Melissa said...

So glad your weather was nice. Yucky on getting sick too. No fun while traveling. You are lucky you get to go back soon, although packing is never fun twice.

ali said...

we miss you already!

The Johnson J's!! said...

Wow, Scotty is not so little anymore!!! I have seen pictures of Kevin, but not Scott! How great to see your fam and get all those fun things in at the same time! Tell Scotty congrats for me on his getting married!

Lindsey said...

Looks like a fun trip and you hit all the good spots. And you get to come again - lucky you!

Liz said...

It really does look like you had a great time! And I would definitely leave the luggage out :).

Michelle Y said...

Wow, you guys did a lot! Welcome home, for a few weeks anyway before you head back out again.

Catherine said...

Hi Jessica! Your blog is so cute, and I love reading what you guys are up to. It's fun to see your boys, too. Seeing all your pictures makes me miss Utah so much! We have got to make it out there some time. I hope you're feeling better!