Thursday, June 4, 2009

Isaac is a Graduate. . .

. . .of Kindergarten!
We are so proud of him and all of his hard work this year in school.
It is hard to believe that he will be going to first grade. That really makes me feel old.

Isaac's whole class marched in the classroom to the graduation song and they were all in there Cap and Gowns with BIG smiles on their faces. It was one of the cutest things!
Mr. Neff then read off each child's full name and they got a rose and a certificate.

At the last minute Andy was able to pull some strings to leave work for a couple of hours so he could attend. Isaac was SO surprised and happy that he came!

We also visited one of Isaac's friends who graduated in a different class.
Love the glasses!

After Graduation we took the boys to Red Robin for lunch.
Isaac's choice!

Happy Graduation Isaac!
Until the next Graduation. . .High School.

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Sharon Wiest said...

What a darling graduation! I hope he doesn't expect that after every year.