Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Juicing. . .

I just got this beauty of a gift for my birthday from my dad and mom and I am so EXCITED about it!
The Omega J8005 Juicer

I have been reading a lot lately on the Huge health benefits of juicing. I have had my eye on this juicer for a while. My mom was so sweet to get me one for my birthday!

This model of juicer well can pretty much juice anything :-)
but it can also make these things as well:

-whip up frozen fruit into an ice cream kind of texture (kind of like the Dole Whip you find at Disneyland :-),
-makes baby food,
-peanut butter,
-choppes vegies,
-and makes pasta.

There are many health benefits of juicing :

Massive Amounts of Nutrients
Juicing is a way to take in massive amounts of nutrients – far more than if we simply ate these foods. How long would it take to eat a bag of apples? Juicing them would produce 3 or 4 drinks and take only minutes to consume.

Rapid Assimilation of Nutrients
The juicing process breaks down the fruit and vegetables into an easily digestible state. Your system can assimilate the nutrients far more quickly than when consuming solid food and requires little energy to process them. Because of this highly digestible state, our bodies can also utilise more of the nutrients present.

Increased Metabolic Rate
Enzymes are contained in raw foods, and are responsible for the digestion and absorption of food into your body. They convert foods into body tissues and are an important producer of energy levels. Without enzymes, our metabolism cannot function at its maximum rate.

Protection against Disease
Plant chemicals, known as phytochemicals are at the cutting edge of nutritional research because they hold the key to prventing some of our most deadly diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, as well as some of our most common, such as asthma, arthritis and allergies.

The problem with phytochemicals is that most of us cannot eat enough to reap the benefits they offer. However, juicing is a way to overcome this problem. Massive amounts of fruit and vegetables can be reduced to a few glasses and are easily consumed.

Greatly Improved Immune System
Fewer Coughs and Colds. A healthy body can fight germs and viruses.

Juicing aids recovery and helps build up the nutrients lost during an illness. Certain fruits and vegetables, or combinations of these, have been found to be beneficial for particular conditions eg a combination of carrots, beetroot and cucumber is very helpful for arthritis, digestion and colds. More and more research is being conducted into healing foods, which has a long pre-medical history of helping people with what ails them.

Helps Depression
Feeling depressed is not just a psychological condition. Very often that sense of purposelessness, emptiness, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, come from a bio-chemical imbalance in the body. A deficiency in magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium or folic acid can contribute to depression. Juicing can provide the necessary nutrients.

Fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants – nature’s secret weapon against ageing. They combat the free radicals and the damage they cause when they attack cells. Free radical damage contributes to wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of muscle tone, age spots and the onset of age-related diseases.

Low Cost, Easy and Versatile
Fruit and vegetables are readily available and are cheap if you buy in season. With the number of different flavour combinations that can be concocted, the taste can vary each time, defeating boredom. Save money by not buying any special products either.

More Effective Than Drugs
No special products necessary, just natural fruits and vegetables, and no unwanted or dangerous side effects from drugs.

I am anxious to get started on my own home juicing bar. I will keep you updated with how I am liking it.


lisa (lost pezhead) said...

sounds like you need to invite a bunch of friends over for a juicing party!

Sharon Wiest said...

Dad says that he was in on the gift also, since he did earn the money to pay for it. I am glad that you like it so well!