Sunday, August 30, 2009

Air - Zoo

Where it is always Sunny and 72 degrees!

In Kalamazoo, MI
about 50 minutes from our house
there is a FUN indoor

We took the kids there a few days ago,
and they both LOVED it.


Hot Air Balloons,

Rocket Ships,
and more. . .

Isaac, our little Dare Devil
was determined to ride the
'Space Ball'

He was barely tall enough to ride this.
And was so excited to do it!
So Andy and I watched our little boy. . .

flip upside down,
and go all around in the
Space Ball.

I think he started getting sick towards the end,
but he got off saying it was
really FUN.
Go Isaac!
I would have NEVER gone on that ride.

1 comment:

Liz said...

Yeah...pretty sure I would have been sick on that ride...

It looks like the boys had a great time...I'll have to take my boys when they get a little older!