Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lessons. . .

Super Busy,
and having lots of Fun.

Is how I can sum up our fall.
October and November have just gone by so fast.
I feel like I want to jump off of a fast moving ride to just slow down and take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.
My kids are just growing up way to fast.

We have been enjoying watching them learn and discover knew talents this fall.
They have been taking some different lessons to keep them active and burn off that cold weather energy.

Isaac told us one day that he wanted to learn how to play golf.
It actually took me by surprise. He is usually not one to ask to take a lesson. So I just had to get him signed up for golf!
Andy was pretty excited about Isaac taking Golf too. We live right by a golf course and hitting range, so they would go on the Saturday's that Andy had off and practice golf together. A little father son time.
Isaac really enjoyed his lessons, he now can actually hit the golf ball pretty good.
So proud of him.

Seth is our football guy.
He loves watching football with daddy.
So we signed him up for flag football.
It is so funny and cute watching a bunch of 3 year old's running around trying to ripe each others flags off.
The coach is teaching them how to throw a football and how to play defense.
So fun to watch.
This picture is after Seth threw the football, he put his whole body into it and fell to the floor.

Both boys are taking swim lessons right now up until the New year.
They love it, and are really improving on their skills.
It is so nice to keep them active in the cold fall/winter months.
They need to be able to get their energy out somewhere.
The YMCA is a great place to do that.

So proud of these two boys!
Dad and Mom love you.


Jenny said...

That is awesome that he wanted to golf! Not one of the sports you usually hear a kid ask to play. So funny.

ali said...

how cute!

Angela said...

I knew seth was going to be a football player! haha that is so funny Isaac wanted to play golf. I actually can see him saying that, but surprised he loves it so much! Keep up with it I's!