Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Seth!

Our little man is now 5 years old!
He is such a light in our family.
We are so lucky to have this sweet energetic little boy.
Even at 5 years old he still loves to snuggle with his mommy.
He says his Best Friend is his big brother Isaac,
and he loves to wrestle with his daddy.
He is all boy but when it comes to his baby sister he is so sweet and gentle.

We had a HUGE birthday party for him with all 20 of his Preschool friends.
We all went to the CRAZY BOUNCE HOUSE in Holland MI.
They all had a GREAT time!

We love you so much Seth!
Happy 5 years.


Andrea and Preston said...

Seth is such a neat kid! He always cracks me up in primary! What a sweet boy!

Cheri said...

You gotta love birthday parties! How fun to have three beautiful children to spread happiness and craziness in your home.