Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Last Spring, I made these 
Teacher Appreciation Gifts 
for the boys school teachers.

Very simple, easy, and inexpensive gifts.
I lOVED how they turned out and the teachers LOVED them too.

I bought the plant/ flowers at our local Home Depot Gardening center. 
Then Printed off the saying on white card stock


Then mounted the saying on colored cardstock.
I then used a wood BBQ Skewer for the stick.
I just taped in on the back of the colored cardstock, then glued another piece of cardstock on the back to hide the wood skewer. 
On the back side, the side with out the saying.  I had my boys write a little thank you note to their teacher and then sign their name.
Then stuck the saying in the plant.

This is a great gift for teachers.  I think they like to receive non-food gifts.  I thought the flowers were a nice and pretty way to brighten up their day and something they could plant in their gardens at home.

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