Thursday, November 10, 2011

The First Snow Fall of The Year!

Yes, we have seen the first snow of the season!
The kids were SO EXCITED.
I was excited until I remembered that I would  not see green for another 6 months.  . . winter in Michigan lasts FOREVER.
We are going to make this the BEST snowy winter EVER.  It is our last one here in Michigan,  next year we will be in Arizona with no snow.

This was the first time Kate has ever really seen the snow.  It really was pretty to watch that snow fall.  I think she liked it.

As soon as the snow starting falling,
Seth started looking for his snow suit, gloves, and hat.
He wanted to go sledding.
I had to brake it to him that it was not snowing that much (thank goodness) for a sledding day.

Isaac and Seth went out and tried to catch the snow on there tongues on our deck until they realized that it was COLD.
Go put your coats on boys! 

They spent awhile playing outside in the snow falling.
Isaac then told me later that the only reason he was excited about the snow falling was that Christmas is almost here!  I feel the same way.  Here come the holidays! 
One fun thing about living here in Michigan is that we always have a White Christmas!


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