Monday, November 19, 2007

Chocolate Pie and Yam's

Does anyone have a good Chocolate Pie Recipe and/or a good Yam recipe. I can't seem to find anything that looks good. I know that you are all such great cooks so I am hoping that someone has at least one of these. So if you have one, I would love to have it. :-) Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving cooking to all.


lisa h. said...

darn! i thought you were going to share a good choc pie one! denise has a great sweet potato dish...marshmallows, nuts, butter,'s just like pie

Becky O. said...

I've heard our sister-in-law Sarah makes a killer chocolate pie. As for yams I have a good recipe that my mom makes and a whipped candied yams recipe that my sister makes. Take your pick. :) (and let me know)

Andy & Jessica said...

I had Sarah's chocolate pie last Thanksgiving when they came to Columbus. It was delish. However, I don't have the recipe for it, and I think that she is on a cruise right now. Do you have the recipe? I would also LOVE to have the yams recipe. Thanks!!

I am going to check out Denise's recipe, Thanks!!

jill s said...

so this won't answer your call for either of those recipes. but i just wanted to tell you one of my favorite pies to make!

1 graham cracker crust
1 box of chocolate pudding
1 box of vanilla pudding
1 small container of cool whip

just pour most of the prepared chocolate pudding into the crust and then do the same with the vanilla. and top with cool whip!

so easy and SO tastey. :)