Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Tree and Lincoln Logs

It has been such a crazy week for me! I don't really know what I accomplished but I was super busy. I have been feeling like a single mom lately, Andy has had a crazy schedule. So I have been trying to bring the Christmas spirit into our house even though Andy is not around much. One of my favorite traditions that we have has a family, is that we let the boys pick out their own Christmas Tree ornament each year. I write their name on it and the year we bought it. My hopes in doing this is that when they have their own tree someday, they can use their ornaments and hopefully bring back good childhood memories. So this year Seth picked out a dog ornament and Isaac picked out a shiny Santa Claus.

The boys had fun putting the decorations on the tree. I did have to move some of them around, they were all put in one spot on the tree. Such fun!! Seth has only pulled the tree down a couple of times. :-) Yes, right on top of himself. I am really glad that we just did a fake tree this year. If a real tree fell on him, I think he would have been really hurt.

It has been very cold here. In the last couple of days we have had an Ice Storm, and a little bit of snow. I can do with out the ice storm, but the snow is so beautiful. I love freshly fallen snow!! The cold has made it to cold to go out and play much. So I have been trying so hard to have Isaac do other things besides watch TV. I do think a little TV a day is not bad, but I really want him to do other things. Today I gave Isaac a bucket of Lincoln Logs(thanks to Jill for the L.L.) and told him to build something. This is what he came up with. I was so impressed with his building skills. I just had to take a picture of it. The sad part to the story is that when Seth woke up from his nap, he did what little brothers do best. He totally destroyed it. Well, Isaac did not handle it very well. He said "mommy I think Sethy needs to go back to bed." That is what he always tells me when Seth is bugging him. Oh, boy I have a feeling it is going to be a very long winter. I am just going to try to make the best of it.


Becky O. said...

Beautiful tree! Ice storms...oh wow.

I love your tradition of buying the boys ornaments!

Sarah said...

Oh man can I sympathize with the destroying toys. Sam is awful with James's toys and James doesn't take it very well. There are usually a lot of yells and screams.
Your tree looks beautiful and my brother-in-law's family did the ornament thing and their tree is awesome now!
I'm sorry Andy is gone so much. That can be very difficult but you seem to be handling everything beautifully!

jill s said...

yeah! i'm so glad the lincoln logs are getting some good use! he's at the perfect age for those! :)

and i love your Christmas tree...

and after Christmas i think i'm going to TRY to go to the children's museum once a week.
so maybe you could join us sometimes? :)

nessa said...

hello! we do that, too (the buying each child an ornament each year) but funny that it never occurred to me to write their name and year on it, even though just the other day I was thinking, 'how am i ever going to remember who's this was and what year we got it!'. You are brilliant. do you just use a sharpie?

Andy & Jessica said...

I use the small size black sharpie to write the names and year on the ornaments. I love that you guys do it too. :-)

Margo said...

Hey we love that tradition. I have all the ornaments my parents bought me. It is really fun pulling out all the old ones and showing my kids. We have some ornaments with the triplets names on them from when they were babies and they keep asking me when we are going to put katelyns name on them. It is cute how excited kids get about Christmas. I love that Seth has pulled the Christmas tree over. You are going to have some good stories to tell him when he gets older.

Michelle Y said...

Your tree looks great! And the Christmas ornament idea is perfect, I love it. So glad Issac is enjoying the Lincoln Logs and that you are staying busy while Andy is working so much.

ali said...

it's so funny to read about everyone having to stay indoors now, because we are all just starting to go back outside! It's finally not too hot to play outside and go to the park! What an odd place Arizona is. I do really miss the snow though. I have to pretend, because when we go outside, it looks just the same as it always does :(

Sounds like you guys are having fun! We can't wait to see you guys.