Thursday, February 21, 2008

30 is the new 20. . .

Happy BIG 30th Birthday to my sweet husband.
Who is my best friend, a wonderful dad,
and an example to me of hard work and dedication.
I love you Andy!!

Poor Andy was post call on his birthday.
But it was also his LAST call he will ever take as an intern.
He is starting his radiology program on Monday and will not have to work
any weekends or take call for a whole year.
That is the best Birthday present anyone could ever give.

So, since Andy was post call we kept his Birthday pretty low key.
I made a nice dinner and cake.
Isaac picked out some superman balloons for him.
And for his birthday presents I gave him a couple of gift certificates.
One to a golf course right by our house and the other for a massage.
He has been really wanting to get back into golf and he is always complaining of his neck and shoulders hurting.
So he was very happy to get both of them.
Oh ya, and he ordered himself a couple of books that he has been wanting.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!!


Becky O. said...

Happy Birthday, Andy! It looks like you were treated wonderfully on your special day. Jess, that cake looks yummy and I like the pretty stand!

and it is true....30 is the new 20!

jill s said...

happy birthday andy!

and that is SO exciting about his new schedule!!!!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Andy! Congratulations on surviving the past few months of nasty hours....both of you!

Adam said...

As the first person with a Y chromosome to reply to this blog, I say a hearty happy birthday to you, Andy. May all your wildest dreams come true.

Michelle Y said...

Happy Birtday Andy! Glad you guys had a nice evening at home to celebrate and I'm sure he'll love using his gift certificates.

Denise said...

I am completely jealous of Andy's upcoming schedule! happy birthday. Dave's bday is this week also.

Margo said...

Super big Happy Birthday. How thrilling that the first year is over. Hey, we just loved the Valentine Card. It is on our fridge. Talk to you soon.

Bartimaeus said...

Happy Birthday Andy!!! Welcome to being 30!

ali said...

Happy Birthday Andy! I'm so glad your schedule is what it is now, what a nice change of pace!