Monday, February 18, 2008

I was tagged. . .

by Carissa, so here it goes:
My Favorite. . .

Book: well, right now I am reading 'Eclipse' from the Twilight series. I have enjoyed these books, but I really don't know what my favorite book is I have too many.

Movie: 'Sweet Home Alabama'

Color: Blue

TV Show: Lost, American Idol

Favorite Outfit: Capri's and short sleeved shirt with flip-flops

Household Tip: If you want to get the gross smell out of your towels, wash with 1/4 cup of vinegar then wash again using your normal clothes detergent.

Guilty Pleasure: I love any kind of fruit cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Activity: Running. I love running outside with Andy by my side, with sunshine!

Food: I love too many foods to list them all:-)

Pet Peeve: It drives me crazy when other drivers don't put on their turn signal before turning. I know this is a silly Pet peeve, but it has always bugged me.

Tattoo: This is a weird question, but I guess if I had to get a tattoo I would get something real little on my ankle.

Life Lesson: Taking one day at a time and being patient with myself and others.

Child Raising Tip: Patience!! And, I love to hear and see how other parents raise their children and then I copy the parts that I think would work in our family. So thanks to all of you great mom's and dad's who inspire me to be a better parent.

So here it is, more about me. If you would like to share more about you then consider yourself tagged.


jill s said...

i love reading these! :)

Michelle Y said...

Thanks for the tip on getting the gross smell out of towels, I've been trying to find something that works! Fun to read all about your and your favorite things.

ali said...

uh oh Jess, I'm totally one of those drivers that doesn't use the turn signal, I like to keep the other drivers on their toes!