Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Week Off and some much needed Down Time. . .

So you might be wondering why we picked the last week in February for Andy to take a Vacation week. Let me just prep this, February in the mid-west is so depressing!! Cold, Cloudy(well the sun did peek out for about five minutes today), and ugly(everything is still dead from the winter). Well, we were kind of 'told' by his Radiology program that he had to take his vacation week before he started up his program.
So instead of wasting the time away, Andy has been studying pretty hard for his Step 3 boards he has to take soon. And, as you can see in the post below this one, Andy has decided to get back into the blogging world. He actually started up an Olsen family blog for all of his siblings and parents. But the busy life of an intern has made it hard to keep up. So he is starting a brand new and fresh one.

He has also been able to catch up on some much needed sleep:-)
All of the rumors are true, they work interns sooo HARD. I am so happy that he can now have some time to do the things that he wants to do.

We are also doing a few things together as a family while he has the time off. Yesterday we went to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. Isaac and Seth had such a fun time playing with Andy. Here are a few pictures of us at the museum:

So we are managing to have some fun, even when the weather is not ideal. But, I do think I am going to personally start saving up for next year's February vacation. We want to go somewhere warm, where the sun is always shining!


ali said...

those are cute pictures! I'm so glad Andy gets some time off, I'm sure it's well deserved!

jill s said...

you got some cute pictures!
i'm so glad you guys are getting a break from all the stress of his internship!