Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New blog

Let me invite loyal readers of 'The Olsen's' to visit the newest blog in the blog family -- Andrew J. Bloggersen. The blogging is unpredictable, and edgy, so be warned.

I attempted to post on this blog but the Blogmother vetoed so I created a new blog about what's on my mind - sports, politics, book reviews, and various topics.

The Olsen Family Blog is still your source for Olsen family news, pictures, recipes, and fashion.


Becky O. said...

I'm adding this to my feed.

Way to embrace the blogsphere again! ...after all you were the one who started it in the fam!

ali said...

consider yourself added to my list!

Margo said...

So can Jarren and I check out your blog. I know he will love it.