Thursday, March 6, 2008

Butterflies and Craft Night. . .

Last Tuesday I took the kids to the Frederik Meijer Gardens with some friends to see the Blooming Butterflies exhibit. I guess it is The Largest Temporary Tropical Butterfly Exhibit in the USA! So Grand Rapids does have some fun and cool stuff:-)
It really was a fun place to take the kids, I am hoping that when I go next year Seth won't be running away from me the whole time. I felt like I was chasing him around the entire place.
Isaac's favorite part was looking at all the cocoons, and of coarse spending the whole morning with his friends.

My ONE good butterfly shot.
My camera does not take very good pictures of moving objects.

That includes my kids as well. :-)

I also had Craft night this week at Jill's house. It was such a fun night!
We got to personalize the outside of some Homemade chapstick. I never knew you could make chapstick. One is mint and the other in tangerine, both very good. It is the BEST chapstick ever, thank you Jill.

We also painted BIG letters.
I painted this one for Isaac's room, I am happy with how it turned out. I am also going to paint an 'S' for Seth's room.

Here is the entire shelf in Isaac's room. He liked the cowboy theme at first, but now he wants a ... Superman room... I don't blame him that would be neat, but then he will want a different theme next month. Therefore, the cowboy stuff stays for awhile longer.


ali said...

cute! I want to have a craft night! Actually we started one but my friend got pregnant and she is really sick now, so I am having craft withdrawals!

jill s said...

i am SO glad you liked craft night! and that you like the lip balm! :)

the I looks awesome on his shelf!

jim is going to make the S this weekend!

oh! and i LOVE that picture of isaac!

wolf family said...

how does your craft nite work? I need to start one! Does one person buy everything and then everyone brings money or does everyone just bring their own stuff?
I am very curious...let me know!

Michelle Y said...

The "I" looks great up on Issac's shelf. Craft night and Meijer Gardens were so much fun with you guys.

Leesa said...

I love your blog! Oh, and thanks for the great recipes on the cooking blog, I can't wait to try the chicken! You made chapstick? I need to know how to do this, I didn't realize that was possible.

Margo said...

I would not even know where to begin with making chap stick. How cool.

Emily said...

I love the cowboy theme. Very cute.

Andy & Jessica said...

Just to clear it up, we didn't make the chapstick, Jill did before we got there. We got to personalize the outside of it.

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

i've been wanting to go see butterflies too! how fun!