Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cabin Fever and Lemon Chicken

The snow has finally melted here in grand Rapids.
However I am still thinking we might get more before the spring is over.
40 degrees is our new 80 degrees!

Oh how we have been tainted by living in Michigan. We were all outside yesterday with short sleeves and sunglasses(I haven't needed them in awhile), it felt so warm with the sun out. Then I found out that is was only 40 degrees outside. It really felt warmer then that to me. My poor kids have been trapped inside our house for too long. They were so excited to be able to play outside, and not be frozen. I love warm spring days, even if they are only 40 degrees.

This is one of my favorite dinners! Lemon Chicken. If you want the recipe I put it on the Columbus Friends Cooking Blog.


jill s said...

all of the sunshine has felt SO good this last week!

i can't wait until the warm weather is here to stay!

kim said...

That is so true. 40 is the new 80 when it comes to winter temps.

Laura said...

That is how we feel about being outside right now. We have just missed it too much all winter.

Liz said...

Chad must have thought it was 80 today. He brought Grant to my mom's house in shorts!! Oi. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Emily said...

That's funny because we all did the same thing last week. (short sleeves and sunglasses) I've learned to really appreciate the seasons living out here and am counting the day until spring.