Thursday, March 20, 2008

CAUGHT: with hand in the candy basket. . .

This is what happens when you leave a one and a half year old chocolate-aholic alone for five minutes.
Silly me for putting the Easter candy on top of the refrigerator. I should have known he would find a way to get it.
How did he do it? Well, Seth is a master at pushing a chair and climbing onto the counter top from the chair. He knows how to get what he wants, even at a young age.
Seth's recognizable words at age One and a Half are:
This kid likes food a little to much. I really try not to have sweets around our house because he will constantly be wanting them. But when holidays come and the kids are given candy, what is a mom to do? I can't throw away all of their Easter candy before Easter, even though I am really tempted.


Emily said...

Wow! I can't believe how grown up Seth looks!!! My reason for not wanting sweets in the house has nothing to do with Ethan because I'm usually the one that eats them all.

Sarah said...

Jessica, Seth is so cute. I think he and Sam are going to get along really well because Sam is our treat monster. He loves treats and will do anything to get them. Although I must admit that he hasn't gotten anything off the fridge yet......yet!

jill s said...

oh my gosh that is too funny!
i LOVE that you caught him + took pictures!!

Michelle Y said...

He is such the little rascal, cute you caught him red handed!

nessa said...

I love how he is looking sheepish in one of those pictures, like he knew he did something bad! he's such a cutie.

Margo said...

He is so grown up. I can't believe he is brave enough to climb up on the counter. That is hilarious.

melissajlarson said...


So glad Dylan hasn't figured that one out yet! :) Although, he is quickly surprising me at all the interesting things he learns... Isaac sure is cute though!

melissajlarson said...

p.s. I meant Seth sure is cute... but Isaac is cute too!