Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dinner with Yao

Guestblogger: Andy

Dad enjoying a casual dinner with Yao Ming. Keep in mind my dad is about 6'5".

All I want to know is how many shirts did he try on before commiting to the blue with white collar. My guess is that Yao hardly changes his 'basketball' T-shirt, and what are we to make of the fact that he is not even looking into the camera?


ali said...

I love the basketball shirt, it's like pres. Bush wearing a "president" t-shirt. Duh...

I think that's the only Chinese man Alive that can make Dad look so small!

kim said...

That is so cool.

Adam said...

"Um, Mr. Ming we're going to take another one- would you mind looking into the camera this time?"

"I look into the camera for no man. I am Yao Ming."

By the way, The Jazz better win game 6, because if this thing goes to 7 games we're finished.

Becky said...

okay, this is great! your dad really does look a lot smaller. so crazy!

arleneo said...

I can't even believe I wasn't asked to join the dinner group.
We sent Yao and the bunch packing last night! Stay tuned to see us whip the Lakers.