Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Professional Help-Tuesday Tell All

The topic for this weeks Tuesday Tell All is:
For what activity
would you want professional lessons?

I would love to have Professional lessons for so many different things.
Here are my top for today:

1. Photography Lessons

So I can take pictures like this one, pictures that inspire me.

and I would love to be able to take GOOD pictures of my kids and family.

2. Piano Lessons

I took piano lessons for three years when I was a lot younger and I totally took it for granted. I can play basic songs and Hymns, but I really wish that I could play better. I would love to have piano lessons again so I can take it more seriously.

3. Tennis Lessons

This is one sport that I would love to be better at.
Andy and I both got Tennis rackets for Christmas, and we have tennis courts right in our backyard. So this would be the time to become better at the sport. Now I just need a teacher:-)


The Butter Bunch said...

What fun lessons those would be! I have to say those are three of my top choices for lessons as well.

ali said...

those sound good to me too! I would also like to have professional couture hand sewing lessons.