Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break!

This last week Isaac was out of school for Spring Break.
However, Andy didn't have the week off of work.
So the kids and I tried to stay busy with activities close to home.
I now know why parents are not as excited about Spring break as the kids are.
As a kid you get to play and be entertained all week. As a parent you get to try to keep your child entertained all week. We did have a fun week together, but I think that Isaac really missed going to preschool.

We started off the week with a fun BBQ with friends.
The kids loved eating outside on a picnic blanket.

This is what happens when Isaac and Seth are bored and somehow get my camera.
So funny!!

We went to the GR Children's museum one morning. They had a really funny magic show that the kids LOVED watching. They also had lots of fun playing with the Bob the Builder display.

What can I say my boys love to cook. :-)
Great presentation, Isaac. Looks yummy!!

We also had fun going over to another friends house for some pizza and some good old fashioned bug hunting.

So our Spring Break wasn't Florida by any means, but we did have a relaxing week.


jill s said...

you even got the puppy in the picture! i wonder if the burrs are under those sticks!! thanks SO much for helping me with the puppy!! i'm such a wimp! :)

sage loved having someone to bug hunt with!!

Ster and Steph said...

Your new header is darling! We are coming to PA (Pennsylvania) for the summer for Sterling's internship. We will be back in AZ in August and then Sterling has one more year left (well, 2 semesters). Also, go Scott. I want his autograph :-).

Michelle Y said...

Super fun, but I must say I'm glad Spring Break is over too. Everywhere we went last week was overly crowded, but I'm glad we got to hang out with you guys some!!

ali said...

And now you know why I travel up to Utah every time Gabe is off school :) Better to have two more adults to help with the entertaining!