Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Graduation To Remember . . .

This weeks Tuesday Tell All is:
tell us about your most memorable graduation.

Well, my most memorable graduation was my husband Andy's.
He graduated June of 2007 from The Ohio State University's Medical School.
This was such a great moment for our family.
He worked so hard in school, and had MANY long hours and night calls.
During these four years of medical school I stayed at home with Isaac. When I had Seth, Andy was in one of his hardest rotations as a third year student.
These four years were definitely a challenge for me. Moving away from my extended family and the town that I had lived in all my life, Orem UT. At the same time I was just figuring out the whole stay- at- home mom thing.
We both have some great memories of living in Columbus, and we made some life long friends.


jill s said...

i think all wives of medical students are such troopers!!

i love your tuesday posts!:)

Adam said...

Having just graduated myself, I can appreciate those little green bars and hoods around your sleeves and neck. I remember looking at all the Ph.Ds around me with their fancy attire and I won't lie- I wanted that glory.

Good to see you and Aaron are progressing in the world of robes. I'd like to think I'll join you both one day.

Becky and I both admire you and Andy so much. You have been doing such a good job, and I saw it first hand when I visited you guys in Columbus. Kudos to you for moving out there by yourselves and doing so well.

Adam and Lisa said...

I would be so scared to move away from family like you did! It takes a lot of strength to do that, especially with Andy being so busy with school. I can see why it is your favorite graduation!