Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Surprise Hair Cut. . .

Last week I went out to the store and left the kids home with Andy.
When I got home I had a huge Surprise!!
Andy had shaved all of Seth's curls off his head.
I was so sad at first, but he does look really cute with his head buzzed.
And it does make him look older.

Before the hair cut:

After the hair cut:

(Becky I did this post because of your question, "did Seth get a hair cut?" I wasn't going to post about it, but I changed my mind.)


jill s said...

he looks so much older with his buzz cut! he's adorable!

wolf family said...

He looks so cute!!! But it's so sad to cut away the curls and have them look like big boys. Jeff keeps 'threatening' to cut off Adam's hair, but I'm just not ready to let go of it!!