Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pandora Radio. . .

I love to listen to music while I am running, cleaning, dancing with the kids, or trying to relax.
I just found this great website!
Pandora Radio
It is in conjuction with Itunes.

This is why I love it:
-You can enter in a song title or artist and it will find the song for you.
-It will then make an album for you with that song or artist and put similar music in it, then you can add or delete the music in the album.
-it is FREE!!!
-If you have an account with Itunes you can buy a song off of Pandora for $1 through Itunes and put it on your ipod.

To start it up just go to
You then need to set up an account.
You just need to put in your email address and a password.

Give it a try!
If you have any questions, you can leave them in your comment.


Becky said...

i love love love Pandora! I've built up some sweet stations like tween pop and an old school hip hop! if i ever get bored of what i have on itunes i always go to pandora!

thanks for the tip! i had no idea you could buy stuff from the site and put it to itunes! thanks!

Laura said...

I like pandora too. I have two stations and ben has two stations as well.

jill s said...

we love pandora too!!

it's fun to see what music it selects when you put in the artist!

Gabbitas Family said...

Thanks! I've never heard of this! I signed up right away!