Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Go BullDogs!!

As the only girl in our little family, I have learned to get excited about. . .
I never really watched football growing up, so I had really no idea why or how the game is played.
That is until I married Andy.
I then learned a few things about football:
1. the game lasts at least FOUR hours
2. you can always find a game on one of these days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights
3. I would rather being doing or watching something else than watching football. However I did not admit to Andy this until after our sixth year of marriage :-).

Now don't get me wrong here, I really don't mind watching the occasional BYU or even OSU game. But I really can't watch football all weekend long.

However, now that I am out numbered in the boy vs. girl ratio of our family, I really don't have much of a say any more. So I am really trying to like the game of football.

So, last Friday night Andy and I took the boys to our local high school's football game.
The Grandville High School Bulldogs.
(Isaac took this picture of the football field, I thought the picture turned out kind of neat)

Look at that face, this is a little guy who LOVES a football game!
Every time a player was tackled to the ground Seth would yell out "DOWN".
He really gets into football, it is so fun.

The Grandville Bulldog mascot came over to Isaac and Seth during the game and gave them a couple of footballs. They LOVED the mascot, whoever the teenager was, he/or she was very cute with the boys.

Ya, close up of Isaac and me.

I have decided that I would much rather GO to a football game then to watch a game on TV.

Here are a few things I LOVE about going to a football game:
1. Spending time with Andy (and Isaac and Seth)
2. Being outside (I love the fall crisp air)
3. I love being around football fans, so much excitement in the air

Oh ya, the Bulldogs won the game against Jenison 21 - 6!

Go Bulldogs! , Go Cougars!, and Go Buckeyes!


Gabbitas Family said...

I don't even understand the game of football. I loved going to HS games when I was in HS, and I loved going to watch my brother play. We usually host or go to a Super Bowl Party, but I don't watch it. Maybe if I knew what was going on, I would enjoy it. But, I'm with you, I would rather go to a game than watch it on TV :-).

Adam said...

...you forgot there's games on Thursday night too, Jess.

With any luck, soon we'll be able to watch football 7 nights a week!

theamazingjohnsons said...

Good for you for not even complaining until you had been married that long. I'm sure my husband wishes I had done the same thing. I am not a football fan at all.

Liz said...

See...we are the opposite. I had to get Chad more interested in football after we got married. Now he is just as much a fan as I am. We don't watch it all weekend, though. Just the Packers and my nephews games (and eventually we'll put Grant into football...). We'd love to come to a game with you sometime, let us know the last time you plan on going:).

ali said...

Bless you Jess, bless you :)