Thursday, September 18, 2008

Picking Raspberries. . .

We tried out something new today,
Raspberry picking!!
We drove about 20 minutes to a 'You Pick and Pay' Raspberry Farm.
Isaac and his friends had a great time, and so did I!

Isaac and his bucket of berries!
He did a really good job picking the berries off the bushes.

Isaac and his friends picking and playing.
They probably did a little more of the playing then the picking.

The kids were all ready to go after about an hour of picking.
This is the amount of raspberries that Isaac and I picked.


So now I am going to try to make Raspberry Jam, for the first time!
Any advice on that is very welcome.
I will let you know how that turns out. :-)


jill s said...

so fun!!

how many pounds did you get? :)

it looks like the boys had a blast!

Gabbitas Family said...

This looks so fun! Do you sell Gold Canyon or were you just hosting a party? Also, my friend that does the crafts is amazing! She's very creative herself, so her products are just great. She's a fanatic about boutiques and stuff. If you ever want to use one of her crafts for your craft group, you should :-).

kim said...

MMMmmmm, I love raspberry jam!

Kelli said...

I love the raspberry jam recipes off the pectin recipes under easy freezer jams and not the cooked kind. You can find pectin in most grocery stores though I can't recall right now where it is usually located. Sorry! Best of luck!

Margo said...

I love all the fun things you post. I just adore the things you guys made at craft night. I need to call you. Where did you guys get the bags and plates. Love them all. I have never heard of those candles. You are always doing such fun things. love ya.