Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weekend to Chicago. . .

Last weekend we took a little two day family trip to Chicago.
We stayed in a town about 20 minutes west of Chicago called Shaumburg.
We stayed in an hotel right by one of my favorite stores or should I say 'Super Store', IKEA :-)

we drove around exploring Shaumburg,
and we ran into this. . .

the 'Lego Discovery Center'.
I guess it is the first one built here in the U.S.
The only others are in Germany.
Isaac really wanted to go inside, but of course like everything, it costs money.
We had already made plans to take the boys to something else this day.
So next Chicago trip we will go inside.
This Giraffe is all made out of Legos!

Saturday afternoon we took the boys to a Medieval Times Knight Tournament.

We were given the yellow crowns, so we cheered on the yellow knight throughout the tournament. Isaac was a little disapointed that our knight didn't win the tournament.

They also served us a yummy dinner made in Medieval Style.
Which we had to eat with our hands, no forks or spoons back in the Medieval times, I guess. Isaac and Seth were right at home with the no silverware thing. :-)
We all had a great time, and the boys really loved it!

Later that night we went on a 'hike' in one of Shaumbergs beautiful parks.
We asked Isaac what he wanted to do the rest of the night and he really really wanted to go on a hike. So we went on a walk and called it a hike :-) There are really no mountains or big hills in Shaumberg.

we ate breakfast at Ikea for only $12.00 for all of us! I love how cheap their food is.
We then drove into downtown Chicago, at started our day at the Lincoln Park Zoo. This is such a great zoo. I love that you can see Chicago's skyline from it. And for a FREE city zoo, they really keep it up very nice.

Here is Isaac and Seth petting a snake.

After the zoo, we went to the Field Natural History Museum.
This was our first time going to the museum, and we really enjoyed it.
There was so much to look at and do, we were there for 3 hours and only saw a third of the museum.

After the museum we ended our trip to Chicago with some yummy Chicago Style Hot Dogs.
I like mine with Mustard, pickle, onions and tomatoes. Yummy!!

This was a really fun get a way for us.
We got home Late Sunday night, so we still had Labor day to play and get chores done at home.


lisa (lost pezhead) said...

oh, i'm so jealous about medieval times! i'd love to take the kids there, so cool. sounds like a great weekend. i was bummed joe had off but we really couldn't go far being pregnant. sounds like a nice break from life!

melissajlarson said...

What a wonderful weekend. We love Chicago! Of course, Tim & I went there before we had kids, so it is nice to see how the fun kid attractions. Those hot dogs look yummy!

jill s said...

it looks like you had a great time!!

Michelle Y said...

Looks like your trip was a blast! Got to love IKEA.