Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day = FUN Day!!

Our Labor Day was not filled with much Labor, even though we really needed to 'labor' a little in our house.
But instead it turned out to be a super fun day!

Our dear friends, the Smith's, stopped by for lunch on their way home from there vacation in Pentwater, MI.
After lunch, we all walked up to the park by our house and let the kids play a little.
It was really great to see them and spend a couple of hours hanging out.
We have really missed living so close to them, but we love that they come to Michigan so often.

After the Smith's left, we went
Between us and our neighbors we have been planning this slip-n-slide all summer, and we finally pulled it off.
Two slip-n-slides put together,
then a big tarp,
all going down the hill behind our house right into a swimming pool fulled with water.
We then added a few tubes,
dish soap (to make the ride faster),
and the hose.
And there you have it. . .

The kids got pushed down the slide,
but for us we found the fastest way was to run and slide face forward.

I am thinking that this is going to be a neighborhood tradition. We all had a BLAST!
We are already starting to think of ways we can make the slide better for next year. I am thinking two slides right by each other, so we can race.
This was such a great day to end our Summer.


jill s said...

oh my gosh! HOW fun!!

ali said...

oh, that looks like fun! Much more fun than we had!

thepyles7 said...

what a fun way to end the summer!