Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pull-Up Man. . .

Now that Seth is getting older (he is now 2 1/2),
he and Isaac have been playing really well together.
Well, until one of them gets hurt 'on accident'.

Today they were wrestling on the floor,
when Isaac starts yelling and freaking out,
Isaac usually makes a HUGE deal out of little injuries so I was not at all that worried,
until I saw the blood gushing out of his nose.
So, Seth gave him a really bad bloody nose by 'accidently' kicking him while they were wrestling.
Anyways, as I was helping Isaac in the bathroom,
I had no idea what Seth was doing.
15 minutes later, Seth came into the bathroom like this. . .

Sporting his new Pull-Up hat!
My first thought was, oh Seth is so cute. . .and then . . .he is so funny. . .and then. . . oh no, I bet he made a huge mess of the pull-ups and diapers upstairs.

After I got Isaac's Bloody nose under control (seriously, it took like 30 min.)
I went upstairs to find every single diaper and pull up scattered all around all three bedrooms and both bathrooms.
Seth was alone for 15 minutes, 15 minutes!! I wonder when he thought, it would be really cool to put a pull-up on my head?


jill s said...

the pull up thing is HILARIOUS.

i'm glad you got isaac's bloody nose under control!

never a dull moment...lol

ali said...

crazy jess! It's always nerve-racking to leave one alone to tend the other!!

Ciara said...

Aww, the joys of motherhood!! They must keep you busy! You are doing a great job!!

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

That is so funny! Your little boys are getting so handsome. They have such pretty eyes.