Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eight years ago today. . .

. . .I made the best decision,
to marry my sweet husband Andy.
These eight years have gone by so fast, but yet I can not picture myself not being married to him.

So in honor of our Eight year Anniversary here is a little bit more info about us in this,

Couples Tag:

How long have you been together? Eight years

How long did you date? on and off again for seven months, + then pretty steady for eight months, + then engaged for four months = 1 year and 7 months

How old is he? 30

How old are you? 28

Who eats more? I am going to have to say Andy :-)

Who said "I love you" first? Andy did, but then I told him right after that I loved him too.

Who is taller? ummm. . . Andy is much taller then I am

Who sings better? I have to be honest here and say that neither of us sing all that great, however, Andy would most likely disagree with me and say that HE sings better. He is pretty sure that if he had the chance to audition for American Idol, he would make it to Hollywood. Now that he is 30, I don't think that he can anymore. . .thank goodness :-)

Who is smarter? Andy is by far smarter when it comes to Medicine and books, he studies every night! But I do have to give myself some credit here, I feel as though I am smarter in other areas. So we even each other out.

Who does the laundry? ME, Me, me

Who pays the bills? We go through our finances together at least once a week, but I mostly
write out the bills.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? if you are standing at the end of the bed...... I sleep on the right side.

Who mows the lawn? Well, Andy mostly does because he is obsessed with our lawn. I really don't mind mowing the lawn, but Andy is very particular in how it is mowed :-)

Who cooks dinner? That would be me, I really enjoy cooking (most of the time), Andy usually does the dishes.

Who drives? Andy usually does

Who is more stubborn? I am going to have to say that I am the stubborn one.

When was your first Kiss? Well, this is debatable, but I would have to say that our first kiss was on New year's Eve at Andy's parents house.

Who proposed? Andy did.

Who is more sensitive? I am more sensitive for sure, but Andy does have a very sweet sensitive side to him.

Who wears the pants? Both of us, in different situations

I am so grateful for Andy, and these past eight years. We have been through so much together!
Starting off our marriage at Union Square Apartments in Provo, UT then moving to WyView married student housing. Andy studied so hard to get into medical school, the same year that we had Isaac. We then moved to Ohio with 6 month old Isaac, away from all of our friends and family. Through all four years of medical school we made some life long friends and also had many hardships. Seth also joined our family in our third year of medical school. We then moved our little family to Grand Rapids for Andy to continue his training as a Radiologist.
Through these years we have really grown together and have learned to rely on each other more then I ever thought possible. I love Andy so much and appreciate all that he does for me and our two boys.

I know that you all have similar stories of your own,
thanks for reading about ours :-)



ali said...

Happy Anniversary!!

jill s said...

happy anniversary!

it was fun to learn a little more about you guys!!

I am Laura said...

Congratulations on 8 good years.

Andrea said...

I totally remember going to your reception! I can't believe it's been eight years! Congrats!

Denise said...

Great post! We are coming up on 8 years too. It really sounds like a long time, doesn't it?!!

Liz said...

Happy anniversary.

I love this post...it is so great to learn more about the two of you. I may have to copy it for our anniversary. :)

Ormeeheads said...

Hope you had a great anniversary!

thepyles7 said...

Happy 8 yrs!It was fun to read more about the two of you.

Ciara said...

Congrats you guys!! Time sure does fly by!!