Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Own Andy Roddick. . .

Something that you might not know about Isaac,
he is one good Tennis Player.

Ever since he got his tennis racket from his Grandma Wiest,
he has been loving going outside to our backyard tennis court
and practicing.

Andy and I decided to sign him up for Tennis classes at a local indoor tennis club.
He really enjoyed his first class, and did so well.

He has classes all through November and December, and if he still is really loving it I think we will continue through the spring. Pretty soon he will be able to teach me some things, since I am not all that great at Tennis :-).

On a side note:
I think that my camera is about to go. . .
I have been having some technical problems with it.
As you can tell in the tennis pictures, they turned out so dark and blurry. I almost did not post them because of this. Sometimes it works great, but the times that it does not it drives me crazy.
So, I am looking to replace it maybe in the after Christmas sales that will be going on.
I would love to know if any of you have any good suggestions on a good Digital Camera?


ali said...

Didn't you just get a new one? That sucks!

We have a cannon and a Sony and we love them both.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from a Nikon Coolpix- they are terrible!!

wolf family said...

I love your new blog background!! Super cute!

melissajlarson said...

Fun stuff on the tennis; what a great sport!

On the camera, we have a canon powershot and had one previously and have loved them. We are not big photographers; more point and click and these cameras have been good for us.

Vanessa said...

gracie saw this post and said, "is that isaac, playing tennis like a big boy?"
he looks so cute!
and as far as a camera goes, i've been through quite a few in the last couple of years. My favorite has been my canon powershot, it takes great pictures.
But I also love jared's cameras from school, they use Nikon D40's.