Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving. . .

We were very blessed and Thankful for so much this
Thanksgiving holiday.

We are so Thankful that Isaac likes his Kindergarten class so much.
It has also been a blessing to be able to go and help in his class once a month and on holiday's.
On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving he had a 'Thanksgiving feast' for his class party,
Seth and I joined along in the fun.

we are thankful for two healthy and active littles boys.
On Thanksgiving morning, we had the 2nd annual Olsen Turkey bowl!
Isaac was so excited about the game, that he made his own football awards out of paper and ribbon. :-)

In this picture, Andy is trying to teach the rules of football to a bunch of 5 and 2 year old,
he he he. . .

I am very grateful that Andy is such a hard worker and that he has a job that he likes so much.
I am also very grateful that my Turkey turned out!
It was only the second one I have ever made.
We had a very yummy, relaxing dinner together as a family.

I am very grateful for Andy, Isaac, and Seth. We have such fun together as a family. On thanksgiving afternoon we all went and saw the movie 'BOLT'. It was such a cute movie, and Isaac and Seth totally got into it. It has been really fun to have and start our own family traditions together.

We are very grateful for all of you, our friends and family those who live close and those who live far away from us.
We hope that you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!



Margo said...

I love your blog. You always have such fun posts and the best recipes. Hey I love your post about your anniversary. I still remember when you got married. How fun. We sure love you guys and miss you tons.

Becky said...

you guys have some great traditions going for your little family! :)

i always wanted to see a movie on thanksgiving day when i was little. that bolt movie looks cute.

i'm glad your turkey turned out great! that's got to feel good. I am dreading the day I am in charge of something that big and important. (so much pressure!)

we missed you guys, but am so glad you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving.

thepyles7 said...

happy Thanks Giving. I am greatful that you were my visiting teacher, miss you.

Liz said...

Your turkey looks amazing and I am so glad that you had such a great Thanksgiving!