Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Best News Ever!!

My brother
Scott is

For those of you who know my super cool younger brother,
he is getting married to
his best friend, Abigail (isn't she so pretty?).

I am so happy for them both!
We couldn't be more happy with having Abigail join our family.
She is everything I hoped for, for Scott and more.

I haven't 'officially' met her in person yet, but we have talked through ICHAT a few times.
I already love her, and I know that she and Scott are made for each other!

We are all very excited for their Spring Wedding!



Ciara said...

It is so exciting! I still can't believe we found out through facebook! She is really sweet and Scott seems really happy.

The Johnson J's!! said...

OH MY!! Little Scotty is engaged!! I haven't seen him in ages. I am so happy for him.