Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dreams Do Come True. . .

In our church (,
we have Missionaries who normally at the age of 18 years old leave their home to go and teach to others what our church believes.
One thing I love about living outside of Utah is the opportunity to get to know these Missionaries and to be able to have them over for meals.
They set such a wonderful example for Isaac and Seth. Isaac is so excited to serve a mission because of these wonderful Missionaries.
Well, last Sunday we had all four missionaries over for dinner.
After they gave us a spiritual thought one of them went outside for a minute.
We then heard a knock at the door. . .
this missionary had used boxes to dress up like a Storm Trouper from 'Star Wars'.
My boys LOVE 'Star Wars' so they were totally loving it.
Isaac and Seth will never forget when a Storm Trouper came to see them.
Here are a couple of pictures of this missionaries Storm Trouper Costume made out of boxes:



Gwen said...

That is awesome! The boys sure look like they loved it!

Denise said...

how fun!

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

that is great!

we had our missionaries over last week and they were so fun to talk with. they hung out for a while since it was so cold and they had no appts. i really need to have them over more...eps to set a good example for evan to want to go on a mission.

Johnson Fam said...

What a great missionary! And how much fun for the boys. Love your new pet by the way too!