Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Newest Member of our Family. . .

Until now, this was the closest thing to a pet that my boys had. (a fish game)
I have just always thought that a pet would just be one more thing that I would have to worry about and take care of.

Yesterday, Isaac got his first pet!
His friend gave him a Male Beta fish for his Birthday.
His mom asked me if this would be a good idea for our family, how could I say no?
I knew that Isaac wanted a pet so bad. I feel that now my boys are a little bit older, we can do a fish.

Isaac was so EXCITED to get his new fish!!
He named him 'Zack', for now. I am sure his name will be changed a few times.
So our newest member of our family is our very first pet,
a pretty Beta fish.


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Gabbitas Family said...

WE LOVED feeding the missionaries in NY. Too bad Taylor was not born or too young to remember. We had the missionaries over a few times during our stay in PA this summer. He remembered it a little. We do get missionaries here in AZ, Sterling's just too busy so we don't feed them very often. How fun for your boys! Especially since they've had uncles that have served missions.