Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Calling and Sledding. . .

. . .so, I mentioned in my last email that I had been asked to serve in our church in a different calling.
Well, I was asked to be the Primary President.
I am completely honored and excited to serve in the primary .
I am very sad to leave my Young Women calling, I had a blast and love each one of them .
This new calling will be a growing and learning experience for me. If you have any advice or suggestions please let me know :-)

What can you do on a really cold and snowy Sunday?
Sledding anyone??

Today we went sledding to pass by the Sunday afternoon.
We are in the thick of a Michigan January winter.
Lots of snow and no sunshine.
What else can you do but try to enjoy the snow!
We did have fun, but we are dreaming of sunshine and warmth:-)



Gabbitas Family said...

CONGRATS! You'll do awesome!

I am Laura said...

You have a much better attitude than me about calling. I would be terrified of that calling. You will do great however. I am the chorister in my primary and here is my two cents. I am given 10 minutes of time and usually less for music. What do you remember most about primary? I remember the music, not the sharing time, not the time in class, but the music. Give your primary chorister lots of time so that the kids can learn through the great songs we have. Also tell your presidency that little kids can't read and that their sharing times might have to be different for little kids than for the older kids. I am feeling so bad for our little ones as they sit through 25 minutes or more of listening and reading and boring sharing times. Wow!! You struck a chord. I guess I am now super opinionated about primary, but I have been in primary most of my adult life and I keep making mental notes to myself of how things could be better and what things that are done that are awesome.

ali said...

good luck with the calling! I'm hoping to forever slide under the "president" radar. It's much better to be the second counselor!

Liz said...

Congrats again on you're new calling. You'll do great!

Andrea said...

Wow! The Presidente, that is crazy! You'll do great, but I'm sure you feel pretty overwhelmed. I just got put in primary, but I'm only a teacher. I haven't been in primary since I was actually in primary so just being a teacher is a new experience for me. Good luck!

The Three Sisters said...

I just got called to be primary secretary.. so if we get any good ideas, I will send them your way. :) I am sure you will do an awesome job!

Denise said...

I just finished a year in the primary presidency. Primary is great. I'm sure you do well! How many kids in your primary? Believe is a great word to keep you positive and get you going in the right direction! Good luck!

jill s said...

you will do great jessica!
you're such an organized person!

sage already made her cat from the sewing kit you gave her!! she LOVES it. thanks again.

Margo said...

You are going to be an amazing Primary Pres. You are so perfect for that calling. You are so super organized and full of amazing ideas. One of my most favorite callings was when we got to serve together. The kids are going to feel your love right away.

theamazingjohnsons said...

You will be so great!!!

Lindsey said...

How exciting! You will be great in Primary. So many wonderful children and supportive families in that ward!