Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where does the Time Go?

My Baby just turned SIX years old today!
I am still in shock.
It does not seem that long ago that he was a little baby.

Six Things That I LOVE about Isaac:
-He is very sensitive of others feelings
-He always has a hug and kiss for me
-He is a hard worker
-He makes me laugh every day
-He is a Super Big Brother to Seth
-He loves to hang out with me

In our family we do a BIG Birthday party every other year.
Last year we threw a surprise Pirate Birthday party with a lot of his friends. So this year we told Isaac that he could pick one friend to take to a movie and dinner of his choice.

He had a really hard time picking just one friend but decided to pick his friend Javin.
Last Saturday we took them to see Bolt in 3-D and then we went to eat at Red Robin. They had a great time together.

When Andy got home from work tonight we celebrated with Pizza, cake, and presents.

Happy SIX Birthday Isaac!! You are such a wonderful son I could not be more proud of you :-)



I am Laura said...

Love the idea of having one friend to dinner and a movie. I don't want to do a big birthday party every year. I finally gave one last year for Ally when she turned 5. I am totally stealing your idea of every other year.

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Vanessa said...

wow! Isaac is 6! He really is such a sweet boy and we miss him! :(

jill s said...

happy birthday isaac!!!

wolf family said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!!
I'll have a 6 year old next month...oh where does the time go?!?

thepyles7 said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!!!!

Arlene said...

Sorry we missed your birthday, but we hope you enjoyed our card, and that you got something really cool at the Gap. We think you are a very special young man, and can't believe you are six already. Way to go!